What is Nest?

The concept of Nest was developed when we discovered a gap in the market. A study of prospective Shanghai movers described housing as their biggest worry point—research of the Shanghai real estate sphere had led them to believe that the local agency market was one more likely to rip them off than make their moves easier. In our experience, that was quite the possibility.

Our talks with Shanghai-based agents revealed similar truths. Prospective clients had significant trust issues, which made the client-agent relationship much harder to handle. It’s a bit annoying when a client doubts your every word like you’re trying to rip them off.

Basically, Nest was formed as a tool for bridging agent targets and client expectations. We serve to match adventurous travelers who are moving to Shanghai with the best local agents.

What’s in it for you?

  • Membership to an exclusive pool of agency talent—the very best in Shanghai. We mean it; Nest isn’t just another marketplace for agents. In fact, we’re sending this document out to only about a dozen hand-picked agents in Shanghai.
  • Access to high-paying clients. Bigger deals mean more money for you, without the stress of handling multiple smaller deals.
  • A steady stream of clients. Our exclusive agent pool means that there will always be enough clients to go around. You’re not getting one premium client over the course of the month; you’re getting them constantly.
  • Independence. You’re not directly affiliated with us. Think of us like a funnel: We receive clients, then send them to you.
  • You receive clients, not leads. People we send to you aren’t just thinking about making the move to Shanghai; they have their bags packed and are ready to pay top dollar for an agent who’ll make their move easier. You’re not going to be an option to these people, you’ll be their agent.

How do we do it?

Our portal will target potential customers prior to arriving in Shanghai through content creation, SEO optimization and product placement on social media in selected target countries.

People will find our site before they get in touch with agencies directly or browse for places on smartshanghai, which gives us the advantage to build trust and a relationship prior to arrival. This means you will be able to get in touch with potential before they make contact with any other agents.

Further, we will use the current market standards, in which exploitation is a norm, to our advantage and build a transparent relationship to establish trust. Working with our agent will guarantee honesty, something no other service can guarantee. We are using a transparent public rating system, where agents can be reviewed from their past customers. Additional, we sell the agent, not the company. This gives a personal touch and accountability to the clients.

The minimum budget a tenant can have is 10 000 RMB, guaranteeing that the work is paying off with only one successful lead per month.

The portal will limit the amount of agents, making sure that no competition will occur and enough leads will be provided.
We will not list any properties on our website, but work only on a dedicated agent to tenant relationship. No work has to be done until inquiry is received.

While finding a house is the most important part of the job, our agents will also offer post-rent services that allow these movers to settle down easier. This fosters a sense of trust and reliability that would otherwise not be gotten elsewhere.

How does it work?

  1. Users goes through a brief survey (budget, preferred area, moving date, how many people, etc) to provide relevant information.
  2. Request form is sent with all details. Based on this information, selected agents start searching for suitable properties. They will then get in touch with the user, suggesting possible matches and be available to answer questions. No uploading of properties is required.
  3. Once arrived in Shanghai, the agent (or multiple agent) will meet the user to arrange viewings for the relevant properties. If user likes one, the agent will arrange contract.

Who gets in?

As outlined above, our portal sells trust and excellent service. We are only interested in working with the best agents, who we are sure can provide the excellent service we promise. Therefore, agents cannot apply to become members, but will be contacted based on referrals we received from past customers.

The agents must have…

  • Excellent command of English language
  • Deep knowledge of local expat property market
  • Proven track record of successful placements in the past
  • Minimum of three independent customer referrals

What’s in it for us?

Our monthly price will be 2800 RMB per agent.

However, we understand the misgivings that may come with paying that sum at the start, so it will be free at the start—making this an entirely risk-free venture for you.

In case multiple agents from the same company are a part of the talent pool, they need to pay independent membership prices. Subscriptions will be billed monthly and can be cancelled with one-month notice.

We want to make sure our service will provides added value to all parties: One successful placement will generate more than 3 times the service fee. For first time users, we give a full money back guarantee after the first month.

We’ll be hearing from you!


How it works

1. Give us some info

Tell us your preferences. City,neighbourhood, bathtub size…we cover every detail to find the right property for you.

2. Connect with agents

Friendly, english-speaking agents will send you homes to choose from and answer any of your questions.

3. Choose your home

It’s time to move to Shanghai! Meet our agents and visit as many properties as you need to find the perfect place. Take your time — our service is 100% free.

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